Proven PEM Electrolyser Technology

PAC (as part of HIFraser Group) has joined strengths with Elogen, a leader in PEM electrolysis, to supply electrolysers in Australia and New Zealand.

A Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Electrolyser uses a very thin proton-permeable membrane (<1mm). When a direct current is applied across the membrane water molecules are separated into hydrogen and oxygen gas.

As part of this collaboration, PAC locally assembles the balance-of-plant of Elogen’s state-of-the-art electrolysers and adapts them to Australian standards with ongoing maintenance support after delivery.

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Our Hydrogen Electrolyser

The advantages of our solution

As well as providing a locally manufactured Electrolyser we also provide support staff to provide maintenance through the life of the Electrolyser.

We have experience providing bespoke designs, so we can provide an electrolyser based on our existing design or we can provide a custom solution.

PAC can also offer our customers ongoing maintenance and support services.


  • Adapts to the inherent intermittency of renewable energies
  • Capable of managing grid fluctuations
  • Modular design – easy maintenance, no handling of hazardous substances
  • Stack Service Life > 70,000hrs
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