Actuated Valves

PAC provides valve actuation solutions either from our facilities in Australia where we design, build and test to customer specifications, or from our OEM suppliers facilities for direct delivery where required.

Our actuation capabilities cover linear and rotary valve configurations as well as all control types for on/off control, process control, safety system shut down applications and intermediate positioning for process control.

We are able to offer actuation solutions with any customer approved actuator or control system products or we can select products to best match specific applications.

PAC typically supplies actuated valve packages where reliability, space, weight, corrosion resistance and pressure or temperature requirements are challenging or critical. Due to our in-house manufacturing, assembly & testing capability we are able to deliver solutions to such technical challenges quicker than many of our competitors.


Rack and pinion, scotch yoke, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro hydraulic, ROV for all applications including SDV, ESD, SSIV, HIPPS. Suitable for quarter turn & linear valve types.


While most actuator materials are carbon & alloy steels, PAC can also provide actuators in stainless steels, aluminium alloys and other materials.


Linear actuators with thrusts exceeding 500kN & quarter turn actuator torques to over 1,000,000Nm

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