Pipeline Valves

Pipeline valves, sometimes called Main Line Valves or MLV’s are typically installed at strategic locations along a high pressure buried pipeline. Often supplied in fully welded design for buried service and typically using the pipeline pressure for actuator motive power in remote locations, pipeline valves are ready to open, close or remain in position upon the given pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical signal.

Pipeline valves are usually full bore valves, giving an unobstructed pathway to flow similar to an open piece of pipe when in the open position thereby giving minimal flow restriction as well as enabling pigging operations.

PAC have a long experience in designing and manufacturing the control systems for MLV actuation. This combined with partnership with a number of reputable valve manufacturers and a large installed base of valves in operating pipelines around Australia, means operators can rely on MLV’s supplied by PAC. For fast-track pipeline projects, PAC can generally supply with lead times better than industry norms.


These valves are typically ball valves made in either top entry or fully welded construction. Usually buried service valves are fitted with fully welded extension pieces for stems as well as grease injection and cavity drain connections as well as pipe transition pieces or “pups”.


Typically carbon steels suitable for welding directly into the pipeline. Other materials available.


Up to ASME 2500lbs

Pipeline Valves Product Range

Ball Valves
Through Conduit Gate Valves
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