Emergency Shutdown Valves (SDV, ESDV, RESDV)

Emergency shutdown valves are part of safety critical systems and therefore often have increased safety factors applied to their design. They often also incorporate a latching re-set system, thereby ensuring that after an emergency event occurs, the system cannot be unintentionally set back into operation until the necessary checks have been made.

PAC can design and build an emergency shutdown control system appropriate to customer philosophy of design.

PAC’s significant experience with emergency shutdown valves means we can design & build the right valve for the service from our vast repertoire of designs. PAC also partners with flexible valve, actuator and control component manufacturers to be able to provide emergency shutdown valves in a highly competitive lead time.


Ball/gate/globe/butterfly type emergency shutdown valves


Available in a wide selection of carbon steels, austenitic & duplex stainless steels as well as non-ferrous and nickel alloy materials. Plastics also available for some chemical services


Up to ASME 4500lbs, API 15,000 & PN400

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