On / Off Valves

An on/off valve is a device that either allows unimpeded flow or acts to prevent flow altogether. On/off valves shut off the flow and offer great tightness when closed and a low flow resistance in the open position. Many valve types can be used for on/off applications.

PAC have great experience in automating valves for remote operation. A customer need only advise their flow control requirements and PAC engineers will advise an appropriate on/off flow control solution. From ¼” brass solenoid valve operating by 24volts DC or a large bore subsea isolation valve (SSIV) operated via a topside control panel via a high pressure hydraulic umbilical and everything in between.


On/off knife gate valves
On/off ball valves
On/off diaphragm valves
On/off needle valves
On/off plug valves
On/off solenoid valves
On/off angle valves
On/off butterfly valves
On/off pinch valves


On/off valves are available in almost any material imaginable from titanium to all types of steels, bronzes and exotic alloys, plastics and elastomers


From full vacuum up to 100,000psi

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