PAC’s hydrogen experience is in valves, instruments and pressure reduction & distribution systems, including overpressure protection equipment such as slam-shut valves.

By supplying equipment and systems for the generation, transport and storage of hydrogen, PAC is playing our part in the de-carbonisation of Australia’s energy systems. Hydrogen can do this through storage of renewable electricity, direct heating, and as a fuel for transport.

Global energy transformation & Blue Hydrogen

Hydrogen, when burned, produces only heat and water vapour, unlike fossil fuels which also produce CO2. Having been employed in many industrial applications for the past century, hydrogen systems and equipment are able to be designed, manufactured and operated safely & reliably. Conventional hydrogen production from fossil fuels emits CO2 into our atmosphere as a by-product. Hydrogen produced from coal can be referred to as “brown hydrogen” while hydrogen produced from natural gas can be referred to as “blue hydrogen”. Although these processes can have their greenhouse gas emissions offset using various technologies, most hydrogen projects currently underway in Australia are focussed on “green hydrogen” production, such as electrolysis of water using electricity from wind or solar sources.

Australia is well placed to become a leader in the international trade of green hydrogen, either in cryogenic form similar to existing LNG shipping technologies or in a different chemical form such as ammonia. PAC is excited to be part of this global energy transformation.

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