Project Overview

DK-LOK tube fitting components can be safely and effectively used in place of, or in combination with other leading brands in the marketplace. DK-LOK have verified this claim through the following intermix test using ASTM F1387 and witnessed by TUV Rheinland.

What is ASTM F1387?
ASTM F1387 establishes the performance characteristics required for mechanically attached fittings for use in piping and tubing systems. Given this standard outlines performance criteria and methods of test, it provides the perfect solution for determining the feasibility of intermixing fittings.


Five different sized fittings were utilized (1/4”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”). Parts that were mixed include; fitting body, nut, front ferrule & back ferrule, across the sizes there were 70 specimens tested in each of the sections referenced above. Each specimen contained a different mix of either Swagelok or DK-LOK parts as referenced in the following tables. All tests were carried out and witnessed by TUV Rheinland and passed.

Swagelok: Nut – SN | Back Ferrule – SBF | Front Ferrule – SFF | Body – SB
DK-LOK: Nut – DN | Back Ferrule – DBF | Front Ferrule – DFF | Body – DB

There was no leakage during all tests performed. These results confirm the mechanical compatibility and confirm interchangeability without sacrificing quality.

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