Project Overview

Pipeline Actuation Control supplied a large package of manual and actuated valves to natural gas production and processing facilities located along Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road.

The project uses long reach directional drilling technology to access gas under Bass Straight from a safe and easily accessible onshore well site. Due to the corrosive nature of some of the produced gas, a number of the valves required exotic internal weld overlays to be applied in Inconel® 625 material to ensure long lasting service.

The valves, actuators and control panels were assembled and tested as complete units before being transported to the project site for installation.



Supply of over 300 valves including manual and actuated ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, dual plate check valves and piston lift check valves. Design and manufacture of pneumatic control panels for the shutdown. Blowdown valves were also designed and manufactured in-house by our technical team.


Low temperature stainless steel (A350 LF2), austenitic stainless steel (A182 F316) and duplex stainless steel (A182 F51) valves. Sizes ranged from ½” needle valves weighing a few hundred grams to 8” full bore 1500# actuated shutdown valves with a fully assembled weight of 1,500kg. The valves were required to seal at pressures exceeding 250 bar (3,600psi) with zero leakage and zero fugitive emissions to ensure safe containment of hydrocarbons and nil release of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere from the facilities.

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