Project Overview

Our client is constructing a hydrogen pilot plant that generates hydrogen in a gaseous form, then converts it to liquid hydrogen as a fuel for transportation. The hydrogen gas needs to undergo a liquefaction process to achieve the liquid hydrogen.

Our involvement in the project

PAC were engaged to design and supply systems between the various process steps on site for generation, storage, liquefaction and refuelling. PAC were tasked with the design, manufacture and testing of the below components:

  • Tube Trailer Receiving Panel
  • Pressure Reduction Skid
  • Fuel Cell Purge Panel
  • Pipework for re-fueller & power unit


Main achievements & challenges:

  • Managing suppliers through major global supply chain challenges (material availabilities / costs)
  • Successfully delivering project within the customers expected schedule request
  • Successfully pivoting to manage engineering, product supply & overall system delivery whilst being given scope alterations due to ever evolving requirements on site


Instrument Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Process Engineering - EEHA Design - System Design - 3D Modelling - Project Management - System Manufacture - Functional Testing - HP tube fitter


Transmitters - HP Valving & Instrumentation - Safety Relief Valves - Regulators - Hazardous Area Enclosure - Coriolis Meter - Metering Valves - Actuated Valves - Orifice Plate - Pressure Sensors

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