Project Overview

PAC was contracted by a large Oil & Gas customer looking to optimise their upstream processes.

This involved the customer building a number of Separator Skids, Connector Manifolds and Various transfer pumps. As part of these overall module builds, several specialty valves were required including Actuated Ball Valves, Actuated Control Valves and Safety Relief Valves.

Each valve needed to be designed for a specific safety aspect on each of the modules. Our Project and Engineering team made sure this was completed in-line with datasheets and client specifications.

Our involvement in the project

PAC was contracted to supply:

  • 8off Control Valves (DN80 & DN300)
  • 20off Safety Relief Valves
  • 32off Actuated Valves (DN50 – DN300)
  • And the associated control equipment

The actuated ball valves and associated pneumatic control systems were designed, assembled and tested in our Perth workshop. Along with the system design work, our team is experienced and capable in applying relevant quality control procedures to ensure materials we order/receive/assemble meet the standards required by us and our customer. When working with the relief and control valves, our team were able to utilise our customer’s manufacturer from previous projects to ensure like-for-like product installation for these items.

Throughout the project, our team worked to pivot and manage changes to the scope. This included conducting additional testing, working through cancelled scope and split shipments for expediting purposes; all to meet the customer’s evolving schedule and requirements. We were also able to provide a high quality, yet cost-effective solution for our customers actuated valve requirements by leaning on our strong supply chain. In particular, utilising Zavero as our ball valve supplier and Rotork as our actuator supplier.

Our in-house Engineering team were tasked with assembling the valve, actuator and control panel. Subsequently, they were required to performed function testing on these units in front of the customer, complete with partial stroke testing to verify the correct installation of the Rotork valve positioner.

Among the many challenges presented to us all during COVID-19, one particularly stands out from the rest regarding the completion of this project. Third Party Inspections was a challenge due to various travel restrictions/ However, our team was flexible enough to provide our client with the opportunity to witness all of our testing virtually so that they were able to gain the necessary confidence that the supplied valves would fully comply with their requirements.


- Project Management - Procurement and Supply Chain Management - Engineering - Pneumatic Systems Design - Valve Testing - Actuation Services


- Fisher Actuated Control Valves - Zavero Ball Valves with Rotork Actuators and Positioners - Crosby Relief Valves

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