Pressure Switches

With a large inventory of components ready to assemble, PAC can offer the following in a variety of sizes, ranges and materials.

Pipeline Actuation Control supply a range of pressure and vacuum switches for both onshore and offshore applications. These switches can be used in the harshest operating conditions at high temperatures or dirty environments and offer extensive cycle life.


UL rated explosion proof switches for hazardous locations


Brass and 316SS construction with design life of over 1 million cycles


Pressure ratings up to 10,000psi and a wide range of electrical connections

Pressure Switches Product Range

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Flow Switches
Glass/Plastic VA Flow Meter
Kinetic Flow Meter
Magnetic Induction Flow Meter
Metal Tube VA Flow Meter
Orifice and Pitot Tube Flow Meter
Oval Gear Flow Meter
Paddle Wheel Flow Meter
Thermal Mass Flow Controller
Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Turbine Flow Meter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
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