Wellhead Control Panels

The main purpose of the wellhead control panel (WHCP) is to control the opening and closing of wellhead valves on the Xmas tree, downhole or on the flowlines of a subsea or onshore hydrocarbon production system. Wellhead control panels typically employ high pressure hydraulic fluid. WHCP’s are normally supplied by a high pressure unit (HPU) which provides the hydraulic fluid power, often with back up energy stored in HP pneumatic accumulators.

PAC’s intimate understanding of the valves which are being controlled by the WHCPs and HPUs mean that we can provide an holistic approach to the engineering design of the WHCPs and HPUs. Our in house manufacturing capabilities also means that we can have a very high degree of control of the manufacturing quality & schedule which would not be the case for third party manufacturers. PAC is also the Australian sales representative and stockist of many of the components required within a WHCP and HPU such as pressure regulators, solenoid valves, tube fittings and valves, enabling us to keep our costs and lead-times to a minimum.


HP Hydraulic, LP Pneumatic, Topside Umbilical Termination Unit (TUTU), High Pressure Unit (HPU)


316 Stainless steel panels, 316SS tubework and components, higher spec stainless steels available (duplex 6MO etc.)


Typically 10,000psi higher upon request (up to 100,000psi)

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