Project Overview

Pipeline Actuation & Control (PAC) is proud to be selected to supply the hydrogen control panels for one of Australia’s first pilot projects that will be injecting hydrogen into a metropolitan gas network.

This project is a key step towards decarbonising Australia’s gas networks, which are responsible for delivering as much energy each day as our electricity networks (and much more when gas exports are included).

Unlike combustion of natural gas which releases energy, water and carbon dioxide (CO2), when hydrogen gas is burned only energy & water is released – no CO2.  This project enables carbon-free energy to be delivered to our homes through not only our existing electricity wires, but also our existing gas pipes.

The project includes the production of hydrogen through electrolysis of water, using a 1.5MW electrolyser powered by renewably sourced electricity.  Once produced the facility includes the capacity to store approximately 100kg of hydrogen on site, meaning that the green hydrogen can be dispatched into the grid at times that are decoupled from times of renewable electricity production, such as during the night when no wind is blowing.

The storage component of the project costs less than 10% of an equivalent sized battery storage facility, demonstrating the enormous potential of hydrogen as a buffer storage medium for renewable energy.

Our involvement in the project

PAC’s scope on the project is to supply the hydrogen injection panel, which meters and controls the flow of hydrogen into the existing gas network main.  Along with the injection panel, PAC were also awarded a hydrogen pressure reduction and distribution panel which supplies hydrogen to other hydrogen applications on site.

The panels are designed, manufactured and tested in PAC’s facilities in Perth, Australia.

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Pipeline Actuation Control is proud to be among the first Australian businesses working across this hydrogen pilot project. You can learn more about our expertise in hydrogen.

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