The global decarbonisation of industry will require significant technological advances, amongst which green hydrogen will play a key role. The potential applications for hydrogen production range from use as stored renewable energy in mining and oil & gas to use as a carbon-free fuel in transport and defence.

At PAC, we have turnkey capability to design, source, manufacture and install your hydrogen project, including:

  • Electrolysers
  • Storage solutions
  • Compression
  • Metering
  • Distribution

For more details on our turnkey solutions refer to the link below.

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Our experienced technical engineering team can also provide ongoing, local support for maintenance and troubleshooting.



PAC (as part of HIFraser Group) has joined strengths with Elogen, a leader in PEM electrolysis, to supply electrolysers in Australia and New Zealand.

As part of the collaboration between HIFraser and Elogen, PAC will locally assemble the balance of plant of Elogen’s state-of-the-art electrolysers and adapt them to Australian standards, supplying locally based ongoing maintenance support after delivery.

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Our scope of work

We are proud to have supplied the hydrogen control panels for one of Australia’s first pilot projects, injecting hydrogen into a metropolitan gas network.

This project is a key step towards decarbonising Australia’s gas networks, which are responsible for delivering as much energy each day as our electricity networks (and much more when gas exports are included).

PAC’s supplied the hydrogen injection panel, which meters and controls the flow of hydrogen into the existing gas network main.

Along with the injection panel, PAC were also awarded a hydrogen pressure reduction and distribution panel which supplies hydrogen to other hydrogen applications onsite. The panels were fully designed, manufactured and tested in PAC’s facilities in Perth, Western Australia.

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Why choose PAC?

Our experience and trusted solutions ensure safety and reliability in the field, while our key supply partnerships enable us to provide market leading technology, value for money and on-time delivery.

Ultimately, it’s our combination of in-house engineering design capabilities, combined with reach-back to experienced international component manufacturers that sets us apart within the hydrogen industry.

  • We represent well-regarded hydrogen products here in Australia
  • We have strong hydrogen engineering design capability
  • Our hydrogen process skids are manufactured in-house

Specialised parts for the generation, storage and transport of Hydrogen

Here at PAC, we understand the important role that specialised parts play in order to facilitate the hydrogen industry. Hydrogen is extremely flammable, has a broader explosive limit, as well as a higher flame speed compared to natural gas and burns with an invisible flame. H2 is also a very small molecule therefore making it difficult to contain “very leaky” especially at high pressures. As hydrogen molecules attack most high-strength steels causing cracking, embrittlement and accelerated corrosion, it is critical for safety and reliability measures that materials and components are compatible with the hydrogen process conditions.

PAC’s hydrogen equipment and systems are suitable for use with hydrogen gas no matter how it is sourced.  With increasing global demand for decarbonised energy sources, Green Hydrogen can enable PJ scale storage and international trading of 100% renewably sourced energy.

When it comes to Blue Hydrogen projects, we also recognise the importance of all hydrogen sources as the hydrogen economy continues to build up. This includes hydrogen sourced from natural gas with CCS, also known as “Blue Hydrogen”. Along with the hydrogen itself, PAC’s capabilities cover valves and process systems for CO2.

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