Known for their high quality research and development, NOVA SWISS has been a leading manufacturer of high-pressure components for over 40 years. Over the years, they have served multiple sectors including the Chemical, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Hydrogen and Industrial Gas industries.

Specialising in the design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of components, systems, and installations for high-pressure applications up to 10,000 bar, NOVA SWISS offers a high quality product range including high pressure fittings, valves and associated tools.

The team at NOVA SWISS possess a high level of experience in the maintenance of high-pressure systems and critical components as they also provide installations for ultra-pure gas applications.

Completely dedicated to excellence means the quality of their products and services is second to none, NOVA SWISS have obtained a variety of certifications that meet a range of international standards as they are ISO 9001 and PED certified.

Pipeline Actuation Control have proudly been the Australian representatives for NOVA SWISS for over 20 years. Our years of experience with their products means that we can provide intimate technical and practical knowledge, whatever your project requirements may be.

Why we choose NOVA SWISS

With a respected reputation throughout Europe, PAC has the confidence that NOVA SWISS will deliver and produce high quality fittings and valves for instrumentation service, each and every time.

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• High Pressure Fittings
• Valves
• Associated Tools

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