ARCA Control Valves

As a globally recognised control valve supplier for general and severe service applications, ARCA Control Valves work to design and manufacture a wide range of high quality products including control valves, actuators, controllers, regulators and solenoids. Pipeline Actuation Control have proudly been the exclusive Australian / New Zealand ARCA representatives for over 10 years.

The range of ARCA products are used across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Power: Turbine, Boilers, Condensors
  • Steel Mills: Continuous Casting Plant, Laminar Flow Cooling
  • Oil & Gas: Distillation technology, Catalytic Cracking
  • Green Energy: Bio Mass, Solar, Hydroelectric Power, Hydrogen
  • Coal Gasification: Compressor, Gas Turbines


ARCA also possess multiple European and German design patents for their products demonstrating their commitment to product and industry development. With a certified ISO 9001 management system and all relevant PED certification, ARCA processes are trusted and relied upon to ensure quality products are produced.

Why we choose ARCA Valves

With a significant history in supplying high quality products to severe and critical applications around the world, ARCA excel at producing reliable solutions for flow control challenges.

ARCA’s solid track record in unique and challenging environments, coupled with a high degree of technical support from their engineering team, ensures that we exceed customer expectations every time.

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• Control Valves
• Actuators
• Controllers
• Regulators
• Solenoids

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