Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is a rotary motion valve that is used to stop, regulate, and start fluid flow. Similar to ball valves butterfly valves are easily and quickly operated because a 90 degree rotation of the handle moves the disk from a fully closed to fully opened position, however unlike ball valves with butterfly valves the disc is always present in the flow.

Butterfly valves are especially well-suited for the handling of large flows of liquids or gases at relatively low pressures and for the handling of slurries or liquids with large amounts of suspended solids. Butterfly valves provide significant advantages over other valve designs in weight, space and cost for large valve applications. Wafer and lugged designed valves offer a significant saving in weight and space due to the fact that these designs allow for the valve to be fitted between 2 flanges.

There are three designs of butterfly valves and each offer a different level of performance. The three listed in increasing order of performance are; Zero offset (concentric), double offset and triple offset. The most widely utilised butterfly valve is the double offset as it offers good performance both in terms of sealing capabilities and pressure rating. The offset relates to how many ways the disc centreline has been offset from the valve body centrelines.

The engineering and sales team at PAC have extensive experience supplying high quality butterfly valves to a variety of industries. PAC regularly supplies various butterfly valves to the mining, oil & gas and marine industries. Our strength lies within our ability to tailor design a suitable solution for your valving requirements. Whether this relates to supplying the appropriate materials / design configuration for your manually operated valve application or if it is designing an automated butterfly valve solution to assist in your flow regulation needs. PAC is able to effectively assist you.


Zero-offset (concentric), double-offset, triple-offset


Cast steel to high alloy steels & bronzes. Wide range of metal seating materials available providing zero leakage on high performance, high temperature, high pressure & firesafe applications


ASME Class 50lbs to Class 2500lbs. PN10 to PN30

Butterfly Valves Product Range

Double Block & Bleed
Double Offset
Resilient Seated
Triple Offset (High Performance)
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