Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure reducing valves automatically reduce supply pressure to a preselected pressure as long as the supply pressure is at least as high as the selected pressure. There are two main types of reducing valves; Dome loaded and Spring loaded.

Spring loaded valves rely upon a spring acting down upon a seat / diaphragm. It also utilises the line pressure to assist with the opening or closing of the seat. As the pressure increases the seat begins to close throttling the valve and decreasing the pressure downstream.

Dome loaded valves utilises the line pressure to aid with the opening, closing of the seat and the regulating of the pressure at the outlet. This is done by having a diaphragm within a dome structure that has two distinct areas on either side of the diaphragm. On one side of the diaphragm the inlet pressure is fed through a pilot which utilises the line pressure to open the main valve. Once the main valve is open the outlet pressure is fed through to the other side of the diaphragm, this allows the valve to self-regulate ensuring a constant pressure is maintained at the outlet.

PACs history of supplying valving and instrumentation for pneumatic applications is extensive. Our many years of experience allows us to successfully supply the most appropriate and reliable solution for your pressure regulating requirements.

We have strong relationships with industry leaders (like Hale Hamilton and Versa) in the air preparation / controls field, which allows us to offer superior products very competitively.

We are not only able to offer a single product, we are able to include our pressure reducing valves as part of an overall unique design solution, tailored specifically for your particular needs.


Dome loaded, spring loaded


Stainless steel, brass, bronze, nickel-aluminium-bronze


0 to 241bar

Pressure Reducing Valves Product Range

Dome Loaded
Spring Loaded
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