Needle Valves

A needle valve is used to make relatively fine adjustments in the amount of fluid flow. The distinguishing characteristic of a needle valve is the long, tapered, needlelike point on the end of the valve stem. This “needle” acts like a hybrid Gate / Disc. The longer part of the needle is smaller than the orifice in the valve seat and passes through the orifice before the needle seats. This arrangement permits a very gradual increase or decrease in the size of the opening. Needle valves are often used as component parts of other, more complicated valves.

Because of the nature of these valves they are commonly utilised within metering and speed control applications. Metering and speed control applications require very fine control to ensure precise flow regulation is achieved and the needle valve design lends itself very well towards fine control applications.

Critical valving like emergency shutdown valves, blowdown valves and control valves generally require significant instrumentation to ensure that the automated functions perform within a time limit set by the end user. This can be achieved through not only the use of a quick exhaust valve (to expel air quickly), it can also be achieved through the use of a speed controlling valve. Speed control valves can be in the form of a needle valve, this application requires the regulation of air flow to the control and actuating mechanisms of these critical valves.

PAC has long standing relationships with leading manufacturers of needle valves and through our own experience coupled with our trusted manufacturers skills and history we are able to consistently deliver high quality needle valves to suit your application.


Stainless Steel, brass, duplex stainless steel, alloys (Hastelloy, Monel etc)


0 - 150000psi

Needle Valves Product Range

Balanced Valves
Double Block & Bleed
Forged Steel Needle Valves
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