Check Valves

Check valves are used to prevent backflow within a pipeline system in order to protect pipeline equipment which may be susceptible to damage from backflow.

There are a variety of mechanisms which check valves can utilise to prevent back flow, these can include; discs, pistons or balls. Generally speaking all of these mechanisms also utilise a spring to assist with the closure of the valve.

PAC’s check valves are available in a large variety of materials sizing, we are also able to provide connections suitable to your pipeline including:

  • Raised face
  • Ring joint
  • Flat face
  • Butt-weld
  • Socket-weld

PAC is able to supply a check valve tailored specifically for your application with ease. We utilise trusted European suppliers to deliver high quality check valves throughout the oil and gas industry.


Swing check, piston check, dual plate check, ball check, single spring disc style


Forged and cast materials including cast/ductile iron, carbon steel (including low temperature service), stainless steel, duplex stainless steels, alloys (ie. bronze, brass), exotic alloys (ie. Monel, Hastelloy, titanium)


ASME Class 150 thru to 4500

Check Valves Product Range

Axial Check Valves
Check Valves for Oxygen Service
Dual Plate Check Valves
Forged Check Valves (1/2″ to 2″)
Swing Check Valves (2″ and up)
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