Solenoid Valves

From commercial pneumatic control through to ultra pure liquids, Pipeline Actuation Control stock and supply a wide range of solenoids for the Australian market.

Our Versa range of direct acting and pilot operated solenoid valves provide a modular solution from 1/8” to 1.25” porting, in brass, aluminium and stainless steel. The valve bodies can be configured as Namur mount, subplate mount or with threaded connections and from 2 port on/off through to 5 port, 4 way 3 position directional control valves.

Coils are available for AC and DC power supplies and with various levels of protection classification including IP ratings, flameproof, encapsulated, increased safety and intrinsically safe. Classification agency approvals are to UL, ATEX and IECEx. Manual operation can be included via spring return, piston/diaphragm, push buttons, levers and cams are available as well as latching for safety circuits.

Versa also supply a complementary and cost effective range of control accessories such as regulators, quick exhausts and dust excluders.

Versa’s recent VMAP range is a compact and low maintenance integrated assembly including stop valve, check valve, filter regulator, speed controls and direction control valve providing a solution for most actuator control applications.

For the chemical, water, wastewater and ultrapure industries, PAC supply the Plast-O-Matic range of electrically actuated severe service solenoid valves. These solenoid valves are available in a range of plastic materials including Geon PVC, Natural Polypro, Kynar PVDF and can be configured as direct acting and pilot.

Plast-O-Matic also provide a full range of plastic products including ball, check, gauge, regulators, relief, back pressure and custom valves.

PAC specialises in the design and building of actuated valves and all of the associated controls. As such the engineering and sales team have extensive experience in the selection and incorporation of instrumentation into overall builds, this includes but is not limited to solenoid valves.

Solenoid valves are widely utilised in the automation of control systems. Whether your system is run using workshop air or a more volatile medium you can rest assured that PAC can supply the exact valve that you require for your service.


Direct acting, pilot operated (externally piloted), pilot assisted (internally piloted)


Engineering plastics, stainless steel, brass


0-690bar pilot operated, 0-500psi pilot assisted, 0-175psi direct acting

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