Globe Valves

Globe valves can be utilised as an off/on valve or as a flow regulating valve in throttling applications. Globe valves have two key features which allow them to be highly effective in throttling applications; a movable plug / disc and a valve seat which is parallel (rather than perpendicular to the fluid flow).

Tee pattern designed valves are some of the most commonly used globe valves. These valves have a Z-shaped diaphragm with horizontal seating. They have the lowest flow coefficient and highest pressure drop, this design is primarily used for severe throttling applications and where pressure drop is not an issue.

Angle pattern designed valves are a modification of the basic tee pattern design. The inlet / outlet of this globe valve type are oriented at a 90 degree angle to each other meaning fluid flow occurs with a single 90 degree turn. This design is commonly used in applications that see pulsating flow as this design can better handle the “slugging” effect produced by a pulsating flow.

Wye pattern design offers a lower pressure drop option for globe valves. The seat and stem are angled at 45 degrees, this allows for a straighter flow path when the valve is in the fully open position. This angling of the seat and stem also means that the valve can be “cracked” open for longer periods of time without the severe erosion which would be seen by the other designs. Typically this design is utilised for throttling applications during seasonal / start-up operations.

Globe valves can be constructed in a variety of ways to ensure functionality and suitability for the desired service including:

  • Bolted or welded bonnets
  • Pressure seal bonnet
  • OS&Y stem
  • Non-rising stem
  • Cryogenic
  • Oxygen service

All our valves can be manufactured to suit your desired connections including:

  • Raised face
  • Ring joint
  • Flat face
  • Butt-weld
  • Socket-weld

PAC specialise in supply valves used within critical applications. Throttling applications are critical to pipeline applications, especially during flow start up as they are commonly utilised in conjunction with pumps. The throttling capabilities of the globe valve allow the operators to effectively regulate pipeline flow. PAC are able to specify the correct globe valve design to suit your specific project requirements.


Tee pattern design, Angle pattern design, Wye pattern design


Forged and cast materials including cast/ductile iron, carbon steel (including low temperature service), stainless steel, duplex stainless steels, alloys (ie. bronze, brass), exotic alloys (ie. Monel, Hastelloy, titanium)


ASME Class 150 thru to 4500

Globe Valves Product Range

Cast Globe Valves (2″ and up)
Forged Globe Valves (1/2″ to 2″)
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